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RAVANA ARANA Chiropractic Center is established in Manelgama. It’s suburb of one of the ancient & Sacred city in Sri Lanka which calls Kelaniya. RAVANA ARANA Chiropractic Center stresses improving your well being with an end goal to decrease the danger of torment and ailment in any case. The vast majority would prefer to be solid and keep away from disease.

People are perceiving the advantage of looking for an option in contrast to Traditional medication; one that will enable them to accomplish and keep up ideal well being. As a patient at RAVANA ARANA  Chiropractic Center we will by and by tailor a well being program explicitly focused to your health needs utilizing the least intrusive yet very viable systems and administrations.

Dr. Kavindu Karunarathna

B.A.M.S ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree ) from University Of Colombo & P.G.D.S (Post Graduate Diploma In Shalya Ayuvedic surgery) from University Of Kelaniya | Hela yoga instructor, govt. reg. no.: 14179

Dr. Kavindu Karunarathna an Ayurvedic general practitioner, who has B.A.M.S  ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree )  from University Of Colombo  &  P.G.D.S ( Post Graduate Diploma In Shalya Ayuvedic surgery) from University Of  Kelaniya ,lives in Sri Lanka.He is Practiced an unique treatment regiment for Back problems viz, Lumbar disc prolapse ,Scoliosis and other vertebral column defects except bone cancers related to spinal column. He have been practicing this unique system of  medicament for more than Five years and having successful results as well and He have proofs. By means of  this unique  medicament,  ailments like lumbar disc prolapse and Neck Pains  and  etc., which are subjected to under go invasive  surgeries ,can be treated successfully with in a very short period of time  without doing any surgical intervention.
I have cured more than 1000 patients, who had been suffering from Neck pains ,Headaches, Vomiting, Dizziness, Non cardiac chest pains, Frozen shoulder, unbalances, Lumbar disc prolapsed (slipped disk), Back pains ,scoliosis ,Sciatica,and  many other signs and symptoms which are  related to vertebral column defects  for many years, In a very short period of time, with the help of this particular system .Those patients had tried many medical options  viz, Allopathy, physiotherapy treatments but  those  had not been  fruitful.

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